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Thread: Great Service from 2 off this site

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    Great Service from 2 off this site

    Ordered a set of sticks off LIMULUS ( Tony ) on Friday evening, He made them Saturday and I had them 8:50 Tuesday morning, excellent bit of kit and fantastic service

    Ordered a pair of Sealskinz gloves from CHESHIRE LAD ( Robert @ MONARCH country products ) Monday 17th got them this morning Fantastic service

    Now being a YORKSHIRE MAN I had my doubts but no worries on any score and happy to recommend any of these lads from over "Tuther side uthill"

    Spot on Fella`s



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    Thanks for that Bob
    In the same breath a set I sent way way way oop norf have been broken by uk mail and a second set are now on there way and will hopefully get there this time.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Big thumbs up to Cheshire lad from me. Ordered a few things recently and service has been really first rate - excellent. I highly recommend the folding gambrel with hook for stalking anywhere near trees. I've used them all summer and just bought some more as presents for buddies. Good value items. Foss

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