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Thread: reccomend me a harness for a teckel,size and type please.

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    reccomend me a harness for a teckel,size and type please.

    Can anyone,preferably with a teckel or similar size dog,advise on a suitable tracking harness.
    I'm not sure if i want leahter,or canvass type material,I really need to see some in the flesh.
    Im after a puppy size for initial training and adult size,and not really 100% sure on the size needed if I'm honest.
    I've been looking at the nigglenoh,but not sure if this is for fully grown dogs.
    Not really bothered on price,but has to be robust and comfortable for the dog.
    thank you in advance.

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    Don't waste your money on anything fancy until it's fully grown.
    Assuming that your not going to put it to any live quarry until it's fully grown either, in which case the harness you choose then could well become the dogs visual trigger to hunt anyway.
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    do a size one adjustable
    as do Biltema

    which should be okay for puppy to adult
    if not then you can get a size 2 if needed
    not that expensive
    but well worth the money even if you need to buy the next size up during training
    start the dog off with how you intend to work it later in life
    cost is not an issue to get the dog right and no fecking about
    as for not working the dog on natural tracks before it is an adult
    Absolute rubbish
    give it the experience as and when it arises
    but also keep training at the same time
    you will build up drive and determination with those extra added live tracks added in

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    Very much appreciate both your advice so far.

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    Always better to use a collar on a pup as you will never know what size the dog will end up as.A collar can last until maturity even if it a bit big to start with and is always useful to have as a back up.Niggeloh is hard wearing and the new versions are very adjustable if you buy the Niggeloh Light.

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    You can get made to measure harnesses here

    Welcome to

    Have heard it is well made gear.



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    hi Ben

    transport costs would be a bit steep

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    You don't need a harness on a Teckel as they're so small. I use the Niggeloh collar with swivel ring and tracking line. I have had problems with bleeding nipples due to chaffing on the foliage you're running them over (especially Heather). To overcome this I use a neoprene jacket which I had modified by a local saddler.

    Hope this helps.

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    On my dog Teckel I use a Niggeloh harness I bought from Kit (Muntjac stalking), If I'd known about the Niggeloh collars I'd have bought one for use on him as a pup. I might yet buy a collar to leave in the truck for those just in case moments. Inthink I bought the harness when he was about three years old, he took a while to fill out properly but the harness has a fair amount of adjustment anyway. Onto this I attach about eight feet of soft orange rope. This set up work very well for me, dog dependant you may need to experiment a little with what works for you, the is no set definitive piece of equipment.

    Best of luck with your Teckel


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