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Thread: Bausch and Lomb 7x42 Discoverer Binoculars

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    Bausch and Lomb 7x42 Discoverer Binoculars

    Bausch and Lomb 7x42 Discoverer Binoculars

    Black - they look almost grey in some of the photos for some reason.

    Compact and lightweight they are very comfortable in the hand. 5.5 inches/14cm High

    Armoured and waterproof.

    Used but still serviceable condition.

    The photos are good enough to zoom in and have a good look. The glass is very good and the clarity is amazing. I have had these binos for 10 years and it wasn't until I compared them alongside a pair of Swaros that I have bought that I realised I could not really tell the difference (don't tell my wife as I have just spent a lot of money). One of the objective lenses has a very small chip that you will see in the photos but I have used these all year round and in all weather and you cannot tell it is there. The retractable eye cups slip back in a little too easily but I have always slipped a suitable length of bicycle innertube over them to keep them in position.

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    These binos pre-date the bushnell take over and really do rival any of the top names when it comes to quality optics. Feel free to come and compare them with my swaros if you are local.

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    P.M. Sent
    Walk little- look often .

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    Crooked horn realtree bino harness thrown in.

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