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Thread: ase cqb moderator.

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    ase cqb moderator.

    ase cqb moderator. m17x1 spigot. had this on my rpa which ive sadly sold.
    moderator is in very good time condition. no rust etc.

    has mod cover on it. the thread can be changed in the back of the mod to suite whatever thread your rifle is.

    200 face to face. or can rfd at buyers cost. which is 10.

    I would swap for a ase sl5 .25 moderator for my new rifle.

    though the ase cqb is for 22cf rifles. it can be safely used on 6mm also

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    still here still looking for a swap for a sl5 if poss. must be m14x1 thread to fit my m695

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    i will included the rfd fee in with the price my end. so 200 posted to your rfd

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