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Thread: Laurona O/U 12g

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    Laurona O/U 12g

    Selling my Laurona o/u 12g ejector 28"chrome barrels it has had very little use and has got very nicely figured wood and is in lovely condition, it is choked 1/4 and half and has the single/double trigger system where you can use each trigger as a single depending on which barrel you want to fire first or use it as a double trigger this is unique to Laurona I believe 395.
    Thanks Jase.
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    Forgot to say this is the game model, 2 3/4 chambers, auto safe and better grade wood.
    375 and I'll include a fleece lined slip.

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    Top gun for pea-shooter money...

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    Cheers Red-Dot, it's a cracking gun for the money, surprised that there's been no interest.

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    Not interested in a swap for an almost new mint condition browning buckmark are you Jayse Kaye? I part exed my shotgun in order to buy the Buckmark for my daughter and now she's not interested anymore.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Sorry 8x57 I'm not, I'm only selling to fund screwcutting and buying a mod for my .243.
    Thanks anyway Jase.

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    Will take a moderator up to the value of 100 in part exchange, suitable for a .243 sporter weight barrel(Browning A Bolt) prefer 1/2 unf thread.

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    320 collected anyone? this really is a nice gun and IMO a lot better quality than say Lanbers , Bettinsolli's etc.

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