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Thread: Sauer 202 Elegance in 6.5x55 and 30.06

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    Sauer 202 Elegance in 6.5x55 and 30.06

    I have half heartedly tried to sell my Sauer before but have finally just about concluded that it really is surplus to requirements now that I have moved to the "dark side" and purchased a Blaser!! This a superbly accurate rifle (both barrels shoot amazingly well) in two great calibers that will more than deal with anything you want to stalk in the UK. So here goes...........

    Sauer 202 Elegance in 6.5x55 Comes with synthetic stock as well as the original, upgraded, super, mega timber stock. Timber stock has not been used!! Rifle comes with spare 30.06 barrel. Barrels have low shot counts. 6.5x55 appx. 450 and 30.06 appx. 250 rounds and are complete with open sights. Both barrels are threaded for the included Ase Utra Northstar moderator.

    Also included are the Apel bases with 2 sets off 30mm swing off scope mounts and spare steel magazine in leather belt pouch.

    I will include a set of RCBS dies for each calibre together with any brass and bullets that I have.

    Complete with Sauer tool kit and Sauer hard plastic rifle case.

    Excellent, very well looked after rifle.

    I really don’t want to split this package, so please don't ask

    £2700.00 ONO

    You won’t buy a new 202 Elegance for much less than the asking price of this outfit!

    Thanks for looking.



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    Lovely package at a good price. In know you said you don't want to split so don't ask but I will just to give you an option:

    I'd be very interested in both the 6.5 barrel and synthetic stock and forend.

    Good luck with the sale and for any potential buyer I can't recommend this set-up enough - I have the same in .30-06 and it's a joy to own and shoot.

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    Bargain of the year! I know the Sauer trade prices and this is little more than what the trade would pay for an elegance. As for the apels and case as well wow. It took me a longtime and a lot of money to get my Sauer outfit upto this kind of spec. you will only ever need to own one rifle if you buy this (unless you want to shoot dangerous game).

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    Lovely set up, wish I had deeper pockets as I have a slot for the 6.5 but not the 30-06.

    Have a wee bump on me!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Hi Tom,
    A fantastic bit of kit and I would have snapped it up but for buying a similar 202 in 6.5 last year!
    I know you dont want to split, but as every one else wants the 6.5 bits I would be interested in a deal on the 30 06 barel and synthetic stock etc if it helps?

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    Did this package sell?
    Thanks Phil

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