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Thread: Night vision

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    Night vision

    I'm looking to buy a night vision scope ,can anyone advise on and if there's any good ones for about 600. Or do I need to save a lot more.

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    Carrots are a lot cheaper Surge!

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    Phoeton from scot country is your best bet at the amount you want to spend its a complete scope for day and night use the unit is a digital unit youll need a better i. R if you want longer ranges

    as i dont no what youll use it for or what rifle this is the best i can suggest

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    Looking to put it on either 17hmr or 243,

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    Hi it's a minefield depends what you are using it for. 243 says fox I think you will need to spend more than 600. Are you looking for an ad on?
    the new n750a has a three zero memory so you can use on three rifles this comes in at 1300 plus more ir, also ns200 you can swap between rifles but works beter with side parallax, that's just a few.

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    In my opinion the ns200 blows the photon out of the water, although it takes a bit more getting used to and I believe that it can be quite fussy scope wise.

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    photon with doubler and t20 is very good and just less than 600 , transforms the photon

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