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Thread: Custom Build In Less Than A Year?

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    Custom Build In Less Than A Year?

    Who might I rely on, both in terms of workmanship and application, to procure & assemble the following components in less than 12 months?

    1. BAT repeater action. (Model TBC.)
    2. Match grade barrel. (US manufacturer/supplier TBC.)
    3. Chamber in 6mm PPC.
    4. Sporter weight & style thumbhole laminate stock fully inleted, pillar and Devcon bedded.
    5. Sunnyhills floorplate and trigger guard.
    6. Jewell trigger.



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    Someone with a BAT action in stock is the obvious answer. I think the waiting list is 12-18 months if you order now.
    I think Callum Ferguson has some stock perhaps?
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    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Try paddy croft in somerset. He pretty much built that rifle for someone i know in much less than a year.

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    Russ Gall maybe worth a try (RG rifles) Last time I spoke to him he was awaiting the arrival of a number of BAT actions. I don't know if they were spoken for or not.

    Alternatively try Pete Walker, I may be wrong but I think he is an importer for BAT actions.



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    Come to Ireland, might get it done under half a year.
    From the custom actions that I bedded and fitted to stocks I liked Stiller the most, BAT did not impress.
    Certainly also preferred one of the UK custom actions.

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    Am the really chuffed owner of one of Callums' creations in 6ppc. Delivery was a year ago and it took less than 6 months - possibly less than 5 but he did have most of the bits in stock at the time. Single shot Borden alpine action, Krieger barrel with 1 in 12 twist and a Grodas stock. Up till now have been using 58gr vmax to great success but have loads for 65gr v-max and currently working on one for 75 gr vmax all giving silly grin accuracy. Speaking to him earlier this week I think the waiting time will be longer.
    good luck,

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    Paddy Dane (Danpd) of Dane & Co might be able to help, he's Kent based so not far for you to go for a looksee.
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    Is ppc a repeater? The 2 people that i know who use them have single shot rifles ( built by callum)

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    OHHHHHH a thread after my own heart
    Hi Klenchblaze ,
    I think we all agree that sourcing the components is the main factor with builds and you have a few good rifle-smiths out there to choose from!!!
    As for the 6PPC / What a cracking round and hope you dont mind this little bit of advice as in , go for the 1 in 12 twist ( just like someone has mentioned on here ) ...
    I bought a Sako 75 varmint in 6PPC USA which has a 1 in 12 twist - it shot awesome / 58 - 65 v-maxs shot fantastic ,so did 80 grain Noslers!!!
    When the barrel was done Callum re barreled it with a Kreiger 23 inch 1 in 12 twist - 270 neck barrel , i was using neck turned 220 Russian brass ( formed ) - 58 V-maxs @3500fps = awesome fox and mid range varmint round / 85 grain Nosler SPs @3100fps for Roe and Fallow does!!!
    I have hunted with this round for a few years and loved it!! Please PM if you want to ask about more experiences i have had with this cracking round
    All the best ..
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    Thanks. Very familiar with Callum's work but I'd like to be a little more 'involved' with this project so logistically a wee bit too challenging!

    I'd certainly have another K barrel if I can get the preferred fluted profile that was not the case some 10 years ago.

    I'm sure you are correct re twist rate but 23" seems a bit short if wishing to negotiate the challenge that is producing a deer legal load?

    I've already laid down a supply of Superglue for the primers!

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