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Thread: Building release pens

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    Building release pens

    Hi looking to build some release pens looking for ideas and list of materials needed the plan is to release 2500 pheasants in 3 pens how big should we make them any help welcome

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    Posts,rod wire,staples,netting,pegs to peg the netting down,wood for a couple of gates and I would make them as big as woods/budgets allows.

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    Often release pens are too small,does depend how long you intend to keep them in though, ideally about an acre per 400 birds.

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    You will need a good drinking system, plenty of brash and cover, plenty of branches for roosting. Make sure you bury the bottom of the netting. Electric fence system. I used strawb lighting for the owls. Without the lay of the land it is hard to tell the size. How many acres the shoot covers for the amount of release pens. There are lots of things to take into account other than just putting up pens.But good luck in your venture.

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    The game conservancy have a couple of great guides you can download.
    A few general rules:
    Build them bigger than you need! If a drive works- it'll be ready for more poults next year.
    Build pens as square as possible to maximise the area for a given perimeter- but round off the corners to avoid pile ups
    Incorporate old pen sections you can screw on and off or make some weld mesh panels how you intend to drive them- saves lifting wire.
    Use jumbo game net (plastic) up top- 1/2 price and 1/4 weight of wire.
    If pens are almost square, 1m perimeter per poult will give you ample room.
    It's generally easier to look after less pens- don't build 2 when 1 will do- less gates, less popholes, less electric fencing kit etc.
    Roughly 1/3 canopy, 1/3 shrub, 1/3 ground layer will give you happy poults.
    Spread out the sunshine! Will cut down on competition for food, general bullying and disease risk if everyone has access.

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    Remember to build the doors wide enough so you can walk in with a crate of poults !

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    your gate wants to be big enough to back a trailer into the pen , you only want to carry empty crates out not full ones in .

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    thanks lads all info taking on board

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