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Thread: A set of knives for the kitchen and table...

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    A set of knives for the kitchen and table...

    I thought you might like a look at these, finished today...

    The project to make a set of three kitchen knives, a 4", 6" and 8" general purpose Chef's knives but then added to those a nice 10" Carver, something for the weekends if you like, at the table...

    Here a few photos of the blades in making...

    Being a set I thought it would be nice to keep a 'flow' through the handles too, I had decided to go natural with the handle material and I decided to go with Cocobolo hardwood, I had a block on my shelves sufficient to cover all four knives, not only in fact cover all four but to cover them side by side, so the grain naturally runs through all four knives when placed side by side...

    So as you see them there was last night when I left the 'shop, those four knives have been all I have worked on all day today, to that end...

    I am pretty pleased to say the least...

    So what you see there are set made from SF100 Sheffield made Stainless Steel, Cocobolo scales over red liners on tapering tangs...

    They feel great in the hand...

    Cheers all, Stu.

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    Stu, they are stunning! Congrats on a cracking job
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    Very nice, they would look good in a nice wooden block of the same wood!

    Alba gu bràth

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    I want them!! But I daren't ask how much........, oh go on then?
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    They are nice, hmm

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    They look fantastic. I have some cabinet making chisels with cocobolo handles, they have an incredible warmth.

    How are you feeling today? I know that a lot of people are extremely sensitive to cocobolo dust, sometimes not on first exposure but on second. I'm guessing that as you do this every day you have plenty of protective gear. The symptoms are flu like the next day.

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    Cracking job, very well done.

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    Craftsman at work.

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