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Thread: Recomendations for a 30.06 factory round for my Tikka T3

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    Recomendations for a 30.06 factory round for my Tikka T3

    Hi All

    I have purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in stainless synthetic to use until my Forbes rifle is delivered.

    I have chosen it in 30.06 so I can get used to the round in the meantime and now living in the US thought I should have at least one rifle in 30.06 plus it is such a versitile round.

    It will be used for Whitetail, Black bear, Hogs and Sheep mainly so I need a weight of bullet which can cope with all of these but still meeet the Tikka MOA guarantee.

    Therefore would welcome your recomendations please.

    For Tikka owners out there I cannot get over how much GMK get away with charging in the UK. I paid $825 for my brand new rifle in left hand today which equates to roughly 515 GBP.

    B Rgds


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    I have a Tikka T3 Lite in .30-06, and so far, I have not found any of my factory ammunition or my handloads for my other rifles which it will not shoot into sub MOA. I don't know where all you plan to hunt, or if you reload, but there are so many good bullets in every weight that you could just pick one weight and shoot everything. The .30-06 has so much power. A stout 150-gr like a Barnes TSX or TTSX will shoot very flat and punch through almost any game. There are so many good 150-gr bullets now, that you would only need some premium bullet for some long range or heavy quarry. The standard Hornady, Speer, Sierra and Remington will not fail you.

    A lot of .30-06 shooters used to compromise on a 165-gr bullet, like the Nosler Partition. The 165 CoreLokt is a good round, and inexpensive.

    I find the Remington CoreLokt 180gr RN to shoot very well, hits hard, opens but penetrates on bear and hogs. In the 165 and 180-gr bullets are some tough ones like Trophy Bonded, Swift A-Frame and Barnes. Go to a gun show and try to find some Korean surplus FMJ or some Georgia Arms reloads for cheap practice with accurate ammo. You can probably go to a range and pick up plenty of brass.

    You can buy a little Lee hand press and dies and load 125 gr bullets at 2700 for a mild practice load, but I don't find the recoil in the T3 to be bad at all. Limbsaver and others make a ready fit replacement pad which is much softer than the Tikka.

    So start with 150, military, and try a few brands, if you like. Then 165s, then 180s. I bet you will settle on one in which you have confidence because of the groups and the intangible feeling.

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    Thanks Southern glad to here that its not too fusy on ammo. As you mention I'm after a one for all round so will start with something in the 150-gr range or worst case 165-gr. I would like to get into hand loading but my job takes me away from home in the week so I fear if I start spending time playing arond with this when at home Mrs H may not be too happy. Like the idea of some range ammo and we have a gun show nearby in Chantilly so will stop by when its on again. Jason.

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    The Korean surplus for the M1 Garand is match quality. It is drying up.
    The Greek is good, too, but drying up.
    Georgia Arms only sells at gun shows in the South. Their reloads are very good, not too hot and the right powders for the M1 Garand shooters.

    All of these should shoot very well, so your practicing will be not only less expensive, but worthwhile, and you should not have to adjust your scope.

    I run a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40 with ballistic plex reticle on my Tikka. One load it really likes is 180-gr Hornady BTSP, full throttle with H-4350, and with H-4831, at nearly 2,800 fps. ( all my .30-06s like it) It will shoot about 5/8 inch with that hot load. I lent it to a friend for an elk hunt, as he uses a small 7mm-08 for deer. He rolled over an elk at nearly 300 yards with one shot.

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    Hornady 150gr interlocks shoot well in mine. Also 150 and 180gr Privvy soft point group very well.

    I load owed my own now. 150gr Speer mag tip, 165 gr interlocks and 168 nosler bt.

    Good do luck with your new rifle


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    Federal 150gn soft nose factory shoot 1/2" groups at (lasered) 113 yards in my Tikka 695....a good enough weight for even the biggest reds in UK, & suitable for most stuff in US. Have used on hogs, blackbuck, aoudad. Reasonably flat, good all-round performance.

    Obviously 180 gn better choice for the largest elk/moose, but I'd use my 470 NE double if I was confronting brown(grizzly) bear !

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    PS Agree 100 per cent rip off gun prices in UK !!!!!!

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    What length barrel and twist are we talking about?

    You'll have to get out there and test your rifle. Only you can determine what it shoots best.

    With that said, generally speaking, I would try some 165 or 168. My 700 shoots 180gr the best.

    Out of the box, 180gr Hornady SST's are great and drop deer at distance with no problem.

    My choices, in order of preference are, Sierra Game Kings, the Nosler Partitions, Bergers, and Hornady. Of course Lapua and Norma make some nice stuff too.

    If you can handload in the States and at home, I would suggest getting as many recipes tested now that you possibly can.
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    SAKO Hammerheads would be my first choice or Winchester silver tips, then Federal power shock soft points 180g

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