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Thread: MAE PES Large muzzle can M14x1

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    MAE PES Large muzzle can M14x1

    M14x1, Factory supplied in black, has a small chip at muzzle caused by transport from range, certainly not a bullet clip, very good mod but I prefer reflex since having the longer barrel fitted. Only used for load development so about 140 shots on .22-250 through it, oiled and stored as per manufacturers instructions. Welcome to try before you buy (your rifle/ammo) at my location. All in this cost me 245, so 170 posted to your RFD or 160 collected.
    Also advertised elsewhere

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    what calibre is it for? (i.e. how large is the bore, looks big like 9-10mm ..hoping)

    what do you mean when you say you "prefer a reflex design" , surely this is a reflex too?

    where in northumberland?

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    This is muzzle mounted, but I also have an older reflex that will suit your needs (I think I replied to you on UKV regarding that), I'm just outside Wooler so about an hour from you, try the following for actual info on the mod JMS Arms - MAE Sound Moderators

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