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Thread: Hunting on the South African Cape

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    Hunting on the South African Cape

    Have opportunity to combine first ever holiday in Capetown with a hunting trip Feb/Mar 15. Not intending to go up to Jo'burg as imagine extra time & costs would rule it out.
    All advice gratefully received - agencies, areas, clothing, footwear, kit to take for a 'firstie'. Mmmm..... thoughts on local game / big game fishing trips too.
    Cheers, K

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    Internal flights are not too expensive in SA, a flight to Port Elizabeth or East London takes only a couple of hrs and gives you access to the great variety of species in The Eastern Cape. Have a look at Crusader Safaris Crusader Safaris | Free Range Hunting South Africa. I have hunted with them before and go again in a couple of weeks. Andrew's hunting is 100% unfenced, his Baviansriver camp has lots and lots of species.

    If you want to hunt nearer to Cape Town I would have a look at Infinito Safaris
    I have not hunted with them but Charl van Rooyen is well thought of and has a place on the garden route at Vleesbaai
    From here you can hunt the incredibly challenging Vaal Rhebok but also Cape Grysbok, Cape Bushbuck and Bontebok and a host of other species.

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    Drop me a pm with what you are looking for and we can help you out. Settlers Safaris is based in Grahamstown so a short plane ride to Port Elizabeth.
    Kind Regards

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    Just returned from a weeks hunt with Settlers Safari's booked through Safari Hunter. I'll post a hunt report later.

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