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Thread: Crow/magpie wanted bath and west

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    Crow/magpie wanted bath and west

    Just a quick post to ask if anyone who is running larsens is going to the bath and west gamefair tomorrow? I've had mine out a few weeks and not picked up a call bird yet.



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    Isn't it a tad early Ben......

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    You might be lucky and get a plastic one of one of the stalls Ben
    Regards pete

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    Not too early at all, a mate of mine has done over 30 magpies all to larsens in the past couple of weeks but he's up north. Looks like no-one down here is up and running yet, by this time last year i'd had several after sorting my own decoys.

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    try some eggs for bait , theres a few about now

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    If you are going tomorrow (Sunday) i could get one sent down for you....

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    were catching in warwickshire,never to early to kill a magpie

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    Sorry benc, just seen your post dispatched two Friday and went to the show yesterday.

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    Sorry internet down at home so only just seen the last few replies. Pm sent tony

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