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Thread: DSC 1 course-

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    DSC 1 course-


    Malc/Jayb - please remove if this unacceptable?!

    I was at Reeve's yesterday and they are putting on a DSC 1 course in March, l did my DSC 1 there with Simon Freedman and Peter Watson. These two gents are some of the most experienced deer authorities in the country. If anyone is interested Simon can be contacted on their number on the Reeves website - or if anyone Pm's me i'll send you contact details.

    (like the Bee'b say - other suppliers are available!)

    Hope that's ok Admin!


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    I'm signed up for this one, anyone else on the site going?

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    I am also booked on this course. Travelling up M40 from Maidenhead. If anyone is on route & wants a lift just send me a PM.

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    No problem Tommo,

    Its good that members put their experiences on here for others to look at or ask questions about. As long as folk are treated fairly and get the right advice and have a good experience, its got to be all good for the stalking world.


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