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Thread: Swarovski Z4i 3-12x50 Elevation turret picture

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    Swarovski Z4i 3-12x50 Elevation turret picture


    I'm thinking of buying this scope was wondering if someone with one could post a picture of the elevation turret under the cap. Thinking of the standard reticle just trying to see if it's going to be easy adjusted for bullet drop.

    I know there are models with ballistic turrets just trying to see if this
    model could be used to account for it without going to more money for one with a b/t


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    I'm not sure I follow your logic. I zero my Swarovoski and go and stalk with it. I do check my zero from time to time and may make minor adjustments but fundamentally, I don't adjust the scope.

    When shooting at paper it's a different story and for that I now use a scope with target turrets.

    I suggest you try a number of scopes before buying anything.



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    Will do but am not back until late tonight. If no one else has obliged by then I will be happy to.

    Mine has a knurled wheel so no coin/fingernail is needed. The illuminating unit comes off complete, so you could stick that in your pocket, it has a few turns of a fine thread so it would be a pain to have to keep replacing it for every shot.

    The click system has been faultless. I have notes of how many clicks are required to shift POI for the various rounds I have and that has always been reliable.

    I am very happy with it as a stalking scope but then I am only using it up to 150 metres.


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    Thanks alan

    main thing is, is there a zero mark on the turret like on the Zeiss duralyt, was thinking of the new conquest dl model with asv when it comes out, but all this talk on another thread re Zeiss service is starting to put me off it already

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    Aslong as you have spent enough time at the range and you know how much to adjust the turret by then you shouldn't have a problem
    as a regular thing to do it could be a PITA
    you should be able to set the turret to zero after you have zeroed so atleast you know were to come back to

    personally if you really want a BT on a swarovski find a S/H one already with it it'll make life a lot easy

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    Photos as promised.

    Attachment 39530Attachment 39531Click image for larger version. 

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    If long range is your main interest then as Markfox says one of the models which can accept a BT would probably be the way to go. Do you need the illumination? If not, save the 150 for the BT.


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    Thanks alan

    yea having used il reticule find it very good and would prefer it, better get saving those pennies!

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