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Thread: My trail cams

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    My trail cams

    I have had this camera out for a few weeks now and at last this lad walked past the other afternoon, Iam pleased with the qaulity of the photos these cameras take both day and night.
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    Nice pics great looking animal!

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    Really good quality,

    What Moultrie model are you using please.

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    Cheers guys, they are the D-55IR Pro 5.0 mega pixel.

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    Great stuff, you must be well chuffed!

    I got this footage from one of our cams when we pulled the cards on Monday. Still new to it, hence the incorrect time and date!

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    Nice one well done, I put another card in today but next time I swap it I may change it to get some video footage.

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    To be honest, I get as much excitement from checking the cards as I do from the actual stalking!

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    It is exciting and you never know what you are going to capture on film.

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    A few more from another camera.
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