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Thread: Reloading on a Budget

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    Reloading on a Budget

    If anyone knows a person who should be shooting more but can neither afford to buy factory ammo, nor buy reloading equipment, consider pointing them towards the simple Lee "Classic" loader. I just got done coaching a fellow through 40 rounds of 30-06 with a total equipment outlay of $40 US. We loaded Speer 180 grain HP bullets over 50.5 grains of IMR 4350 and had a great time doing it. It took 2 hours, 10 minutes and that included all instruction time. Everything, including the Lee trimmer, chamfer tool, primer pocket cleaner, 1 pound of 4350 and 1000 primers fit into a shoe box. This guy was so pleased at how easy it was and how relatively inexpensive it was that I finally had to toss him out into the cold to chill his babbling enthusiasm.~Muir

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    Just found these for sale on E-Bay for 25.00 delivered, plenty of calibres as well & there's an instructional video. What an amazing easy to use little bit of kit, the powder measuring seemed a bit hit & miss though.


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    Nothing wrong with using one of the lee dippers to measure your powder, that's what I use for my guns. It just goes to show that you do not need all the high priced kit to get started and produce perfectly good hunting ammunition.


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    Dippers are all you will find in my loading set up, but they get tipped straight into the pan on the Rangemaster scales, five minutes or so to do some ladder charges for Potman on Saturday morning.

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    As my space is so reduced until we can get the shed sorted out so I can reload in there I have been using the Lee Dippers but also weigh the charges on the Lyman scales. I have a Uniflow powder measure but no where to put it so reloading takes a bit longer.

    Our place is quite small.

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    i am on a budget and to get me going i am going to get one i have watched a few tutorials on youtube it does look easy to do,i will let you know how i get on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    Nothing wrong with using one of the lee dippers to measure your powder, that's what I use for my guns....
    I'll second that. With practice you can get very good at scooping charges. I use them regularly.~Muir

    This 5-shot group was from my .222 and loaded with a Lee unit while sitting at the range.

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    Great article on budget reloading and the Lee Classic Loader.

    I have 3 - .243, .270 and .308 and use them all the time. I always check weigh my charges though, but that's just because I like being anal.


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    all i bought when i started reloading was a lee aniversery set for 100 on top of that i bought a couple of tools a pot of powder heads and primers i expect the total out lay was about 180-200 with that i could reload 100 .308 bullets costing me 2 a bullet a box of .308 is now about 40 so i could throw away all the kit icluding more than half a pot of powder and still be quids in

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