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Thread: Shotgun Cartridge Mega Clearout!

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    Shotgun Cartridge Mega Clearout!

    I don't get to shoot shotguns much anymore so having a clear out of cartridges. I am selling them cheap as they have sat around for a while.

    12 Bore
    Lyalvale 50mm 26g High Velocity No6 (41 Cartridges) 5
    Gamebore 50mm 24g Super Game Fibre No6 (75 Cartridges) 10
    Eley 67.5mm 2.8mm Bismuth No5 Cartidges (33 Cartridges) 15
    Gamebore 65mm 30g Clear Pigeon Fibre No6 (74 Cartridges) 10
    Eley 67.5mm 30g High Flyer No6 (I think) (24 Cartridges) 3
    (all stored dry etc. some boxed some loose in sandwich bags)

    I also have 217 x Gamebore Blue Diamond No8 70mm 28g where the cardboard box they were in got wet when cellar flooded. They are dry now (was a year ago). Cannot vouch for them but might do for pigeons. 15.

    I would sell the lot for 50 but this means you taking a punt on the ones that got wet. I did notice a bit of rust on one or two carts (I didn't open all of the boxes) but a bit of wire wool or emery would sort this out it wasn't that bad (small bit).

    .410 Gauge

    Lyalvale 2 1/2" 65mm No6 14g x 39 Cartridges
    Bornaghi 2 1/2" 65mm No6 14g x 25 Cartridges

    8 for both will not split.

    Lots of photos by email if needed.

    I have had lots of PM's - these are pickup only from Royston, Herts.
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    All sold pending payment & collection

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