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Thread: Hello from West Yorkshire

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    Hello from West Yorkshire

    Hello all.
    I've been reading the posts on the forum for some time and thought I ought to register and introduce myself and become a part of this informative community.

    I've been shooting for 5 years with shotguns, started off with rabbits and pigeon and for the last 3 seasons been a gun on a DIY syndicate shooting Duck, Pheasant, Partridge and the odd goose. I also keeper on a small rough shoot that i've established going from a wild bird shoot to releasing a few birds putting on around 5 days for half a dozen guns.

    I've just been granted my section 1 for .17 hmr, .22 LR and .223. My plan is that once I've gained more experience with rifles to eventually take up stalking.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Your welcome and may I say your have been busy well done keep up the good work.

    Although I am fairly new to the forums here there is a wealth of knowledge and a good number of those willing to help newcomers and those who need more experience in stalking.

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    Well hello there we may have met as i also shoot and live in west yorks, i stalk in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland shoot from clays to duck and everything between train gundogs and brew beer so............. enough to keep me going drop me a line

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    west yorkshire the happy place to stay welcome i'm from bradford but stalk on the west and east coast of scotland red n roe,you can drop me a line if ya wish all the best with the site lots of good info and frendly banter

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    yorkshire lad here too, funny things theese pc, i probably met some one or 3 , at clubs etc too. welcome bud.

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