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Thread: call bird wanted

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    call bird wanted

    hi guys

    any guys in the angus or perthshire areas got any call birds looking for a crow an magpie if possible


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    Oh, and looking at the title I was expecting a COMPLETELY different kind of request...
    Sorry, sorry just got too much time on my hands

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    Hi Ross,

    Try the corvid exchange on facebook...
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    still looking if anyone can help me?

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    call bird wanted north/east of coventry

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    Being from America, am I misreading this? Do you mean a bird call?
    I use a mouth call, and maybe some decoys ( crow or owl), to bring in crows.

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    We use live magpies and crows in live capture traps, Southern. The 'call bird' needs to be provided with food, water & shelter of course. The likes of ladder traps & Larsen traps offer a great way to control numbers of corvids without needing constant attendance or shooting.,d.d2s
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