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Thread: Various Rifles .17, .243, .270 & Scopes - Swaro / Zeiss

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    Various Rifles .17, .243, .270 & Scopes - Swaro / Zeiss


    I'm looking for Sako or CZ .17hmr, Sako .243 & .270 in either 75 or 85 & Hatsan Marine Section 1 shotgun. ALL Stainless and synthetic stocks please.

    Had a recent variation through and have decided to update whats sat in the cabinet!

    I'm also looking for some glass to sit on top of these. Swaro / Zeiss preferred.

    Let me know what you have. If it's at a reasonable price I have the cash waiting.



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    I foresee an empty wallet.

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    Swarovski 6-24x50 30 mm tube td4 reticule clean condition a cpl of small marks dials in well clean lens
    if yoUr interested


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    Really good condition zeiss 3-12 x 50 duralyt for sale 495 Ono delivered. Hatsan section 1 for sale 295. Can do a deal on both, drop me a pm if your interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    I foresee an empty wallet.
    Well, will not be purchasing any of These items, at knockdown prices that,s for sure ,

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    Bought a .243 Sako 85 & a Zeiss Duralyt so far!

    im still after a .17hmr & .270 Sako 85 and on the look out for more glass if anyone is selling....?!

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    I have a sako quad in 17hmr if you are still interested pm me and I will forward picces etc


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    Got a mint zeiss 8x56 illuminated scope if that's any good for you 600 posted nice scope for a stalking rifle

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    .17hmr now sorted….

    Only thing left now is a Sako 85 in .270 synthetic stainless, screwcut & mod if poss and a decent scope with high magnification


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