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Thread: CZ .22LR 16" or 20" barrel?

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    CZ .22LR 16" or 20" barrel?

    Looking at getting a CZ for my dad, but wondering what difference a 16" or 20" barrel will make. They are both heavy vermint barrels. Rifle will be used for rabbiting and the odd target shoot.
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    It won't make any difference to accuracy at normal rimfire ranges , I use the 16 inch varmint barrel and I love it much prefer the shorter barrel
    atb Jim

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    I use a 16 inch barrel 452 very accurate and easier to use from a vehicle

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    My 20" was cut down to 14" and made it more accurate that may in part be down to the quality of the new crown.

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    The16. 452. inch I found a better balance. The varmint barrels are really accurate not a lot in them, choose which suits you best
    CZ varmint are cracking rifles in a 22 you won't go far wrong with one of them, get a trigger kit from rim fire magic, you won't want to get rid of it. Super guns

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    I've got a CZ 452 HMR with a 20" barrel and I'm getting it cut down soon as with a mod on it's way too long for shooting from a vehicle and I find when carrying it over the shoulder it catches on branches or digs in the ground.

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    The 16" varmint is a tack driver

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    Whichever is the best price, as I'd cut either down to 12 inches


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    I always understood that the sub sonic rim fire ammunition produced it's best velocity from a 16" barrel. So why would one go less and lose more of an already low velocity?

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