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Thread: Thank you for a Good Deed

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    Thank you for a Good Deed

    Just before Xmas I was looking for a cheap pair of gloves from Aldi. Our store had run out, so I asked here on the site if anyone had any at their store.

    Mr You, replied to my request and went out of his way to assist me. After a bit of correspondence, he was able to help me. I took a bit of time to get payment to him as we were well and truely snowed in up here. Anyway, I received my gloves today and they are exactly what I need. Neoprene for fishing and shooting.

    Thank you very much MrYou

    What an excellent site, full of help when requested. Cheers

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    And Likewise thanks to Bavarianbrit who responded to one of my requests I now have a bag full of brand new 7x65R RWS brass that he kindly bought for me in Germany, so that I now have plenty of cases to reload and shoot my 7x65R to my hearts content.

    He also sent across the Frankonia Catalogue - our continental friends are certainly spoilt for choice with lots of good quality kit to choose from.

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    With reference to the bit about Frankonia.
    Before taking early retirement I lived in Germany for 18 years, for last 14 of these years I was Secretary of a British Military Shooting Club based at JHQ Moenchengladbach. As such I had an agency with Frankonia and can echo what HeymSR20 said about their catalouge. Every thing you could wish for. All types of weapons including Handguns, ammo, reloading equipement and clothing plus evey thing in between. The best bit about ordering from them was that under the Status of Forces act we could purchase items TAX FREE, vat was 17.5% and now I thinks its 19%. In addition to this we were also given a discount on the purchase price. Some things it worked out that you could save up to as much as 40%.
    If you want to dream have a look at the following

    Go to Jagd and Schiessport on left hand side and click on the menu bars.
    Its all in German but you should get the details.

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    When I went to Bavaria for wild boar, our guide took us to Frankonia in Darmstadt for a look round. It was a revalation !!

    A beautifully decorated store, spotlessly clean, well dressed staff who were, for the most part, bilingual.

    It was like Harrods with wellies !!

    My feelings were that it was a european equivalent of Cabelas.

    There seemed to be a huge selection of everything we could possibly need or want for our sport.

    I kneeled in reverance before a cabinet display of several Holland & Holland double rifles. Magnificent.

    Each month I get an email of their latest 'Offers' and prices are reasonable, p & p is sensible, delivery is quick. My last 'buy' was a lovely damascus knife with leather sheath on 'special offer' for less than 35 (echange rate was in my favour) which looks superb, is razor sharp and has fully butchered numerous roe without problem.

    Their catalogue huge and contains everything one can imagine.

    If I cannot find what I want at Swillington, Attleborough, Bushwear or Frankonia I really do not need it !!

    Sign up for the email, use Page, translate and enjoy!!!


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    Bilingual staff eh 8) mmm have to pop over next time I'm round that area wouldn't mind meeting a couple of bilingual german shop girlies myself

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    Bilingual, Bilingual, NOT Bisexual !!


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    I am told that Frankonia have shops all over Germany, have a look at their website. Very comprehensive !


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