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Thread: Time to Admit it!

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    Time to Admit it!

    OK All of you Super- Stalkers,time to come many have dropped off to sleep when awaiting the attendance of the deer? I admit I haveI did it once and awoke to see 20 fallow in a previously empty field !

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    All the time, especially when the sun shines on the high seat, cant beat 10 mins shut eye, only problem is when you have 40 winks sat against a tree, and wake to see several ticks running around on your trousers

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    Sat under a tree, dog curled up at the side of me, rifle across my legs & giving it increasingly longer blinks. Next thing I feel the dog jump up, open my eyes to see a nice roe buck turn look at me and disappear into the woods at only 40 yards. The look on the dogs face said it all, just a good job the dog couldn't speak or I'd have got a right slagging off

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    Had a hour yesterday 3 till 4pm but I was up just after 3 am I deserved a kip .

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    I fell asleep leaning on a tree in the Sangre de Christo mountains in northern New Mexico and woke to a 4 point buck standing 60 yards away. Propped my .44 pistol and dropped him. Best nap I ever had.~Muir

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    NEVER, have trouble kipping since I was a kid,would love to be able to have a nap,never been that content.

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    I have been known to rest the old eye lids on a few occasions

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    Not while waiting for deer but have done many a time in the early hours night-watching for poachers.
    Woke up one night covered in a light sprinkling of snow and 2 hours later on after deciding just to wait a couple more minutes

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    I've always thought high seats should be fitted with seat belts for just this reason.
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    seen it.went to pick a mate up from his high seat and he had fallen asleep so woke him with a bang belt :0 more like a bog roll.

    done it... to follow

    read the book/thread,....well im doing so now on here.

    the best one was i had a hard week up at turnberry golf course in the home land, got back late friday night, went stalking on the saturday at a local estate about 4pm, i was watching some fallow from a line if lime trees and lent/sat at the base only to wake up with that chilled to the bone feeling at 10.30pm,

    now where do i get that T shirt.

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