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    has anyone got any tips to help keep the rubber lens caps from falling of, I know Swarovski will replace them but to be honest I,m getting embarrassed asking for replacements I have lost about 6 of them this season. thanks

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    They are a pain get the hard flip up's For scopes but if they are binos keep requesting new sets, i got two sets and eye caps foc as back up at the shooting show with no fuss

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    hi sorry forgot to say its binoculars, I seem to loose about 4 plus per season. will call on Monday again

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    wish they did the same hard flip ups as the scopes have as an extra cost ! as they are a letdown for the cost of this item.

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    Who do you contact for new covers? I've only had my pair a few months and I've lost one already.

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    just call them on 01737856812, think you may need to quote the serial no of your bins, never had a problem getting replacements just its getting bit embarrasing

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