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Thread: Swarovski scope losing zero!!!!

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    Swarovski scope losing zero!!!!

    3 month ago a purchesed a brand new Z3. Put it on 243 went out zeroed it smack on at 100 yards. Couple nights later missed a sitter at about 150 yards. Sitting face on in lamp (fox) thort somithing was up so went next day in day light to check zero and was 4" to right and abou 1.5" high. Thos has happined 4 times now resulting in me missing 4 foxes. Every time checkin zero the folowing day and it been out by gd few inches. should aye send it bk and get another zeiss????????? HELP

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    start of by checking your mounts

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    +1 all bolts and screws if still same contact them .

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    Sorry should of said checked mounts and moderator. Just had a MTC on top before and never had a problem odd one that was missed was always down to me.

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    In that case Just call them feller, that was part of the deal in buying a top ££££ scope the back up .

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    try putting mtc back on if you still have it ,might be the swav

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    Think ill be on the phone monday. Will this scope be sent away for repair and leave me with out a one for few weeks?

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    i would say yes depends on how good the shop is ,my pal got a zeiss from swillingtons and would not hold zero and they just posted him by return top service.

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    i know there have been problems with z6's.....

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    Zero again, give rifle a good shake, and re-check ?
    I have a Z3 on my .22 hornet, been there a couple of years now, zeroed it once and it has never moved no matter what.
    I'd be much quicker to blame the mounts myself.


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