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Thread: Nickel 3-12x56

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    Nickel 3-12x56

    Hello, I am thinking of changing my rifle & scope and wondered if anyone had a view on how much my steel tubed Nickel 3-12x56 Supra scope might be worth. I have had it for about 18 years and got it re gassed and serviced by Paul Burke about 4 years ago. Thanks.

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    The problem with Nickel is that they went through a "bad patch" and so some of their older scopes aren't worth a lot whereas some of the more recent ones are worth a whole lot indeed so I think you'd need to establish exactly which period of the Nickel life story this scope came from. The more recent ones are excellent scopes, I'd say the best I've seen, and rare as hens teeth so if you get someone who knows what they are doing then they will make big money.

    My guess, and it is a pretty wild guess as I really have no absolute idea of where your scope fits in the Nickel timeline but I'm guessing it is before the recent phase, is that it might be worth 300 - 400 if you are lucky.
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    What do you mean by a "bad patch"? & when was it? What were the failings?
    My old Nickel scope is this spec & it's still a great scope - it's never given a hint of a problem - it is on par optically with any modern stuff & much more robust to boot!


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    From what I can gather Nickel went through a phase when they were bought, and sold, several times with the usual changes, cost savings and so on. During this time their scopes had a reputation for considerable variation in quality and this is reflected in the prices of the scopes that are pre the current models.

    However, that is all the solid info I've managed to dig up so I don't have a list of "good" dates and "bad" ones. I know they had a good reputation in the 1960s but went downhill sometime after that. I've seen claims that in this time Hertel and Reuss, Zeiss, and Gerhardt owned them plus they were subject to some sort of "management buy out" type situation as well. I can't say if that is true but, again, it paints a picture of instability and there seems to be almost zero confidence in older ones in the secondhand market - take a look around ebay for example where they are virtually worthless if they sell at all.

    I have a passing interest in Nickel scopes just because the latest ones are the best scopes I've had the chance to play with but I was warned to be careful of older ones. It is well possible that your scope is the best glass that was available at the time but that if you'd bought one a few years younger or older you'd think it the worst scope you'd seen. I suspect if you were buying one second hand then the thing to do might be to get a serial number and then talk to Nickel themselves and see what you can find out, they may be able to give some guidance.

    If anyone has more details, or can correct anything I've said, I'm more than interested as everything I can find, apart from the fact that no one wants to pay for a second hand one, is rumour at best.
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    Is not Gerhardt the same thing as Nickel??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Is not Gerhardt the same thing as Nickel??

    Gerhardt -
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    I bought a Nickel 4-16x56 Supra about 30 years ago when they were owned by Hertel and Reuss. After returning home and giving it a thorough check and had a proper look through it I discovered it was never perfectly in focus. It was so close but not quite right. I returned it and bought the model that was parallax adjustable. This scope has ( I still have it ) excellent glass and is a pleasure to use. Its optics are equal to my modern German scopes.

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    I appreciate that its a bit off post but I have an illuminated Nickel magnum 1.5 - 6 x 30 long eye relief on a 375 H and H CZ550 that I keep in Botswana ..... had it must be 10 years and it is absolutely the best scope I have ever owned.

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    Thanks to everyone for the input. I have emailed the factory with the serial number to see if they know when it was made. I have found it to be superb but have changed to a Swarovski 2-15x56 sat atop a Blaser R8 thumbhole. Can't wait for it to arrive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    So you click on that and it doesn't offer insighnt into Gerhardt scopoes but rather:
    "Visit the Nickel website.
    Nickel is a registered brand of J. E. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG"


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