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Thread: Look what I just found (only for the oldies on here)...

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    Look what I just found (only for the oldies on here)...


    Radio Caroline

    Online only (from Maidstone).

    Wonderful music & loads of memories.
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    Oh yes, remember it well.
    Could listen to Radio Luxembourg till 8pm then that flippin dirged repeating stuff came on.
    When Radio Caroline came on the scene, it was great, could listen all night long, well till I got a rollickin from me Dad
    Great station

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    I bought my father in law a Radio Caroline CD at Christmas, with a compilation of old shows on it. He used to host a radio show of his own, and they were a big influence in his younger years.

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    Radio Caroline ? Never heard of it. Must be before my time .

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    Read the history and note how the authorities acting just like pirates. Raiding, stealing and wrecking stuff in international waters................................ laws ........................... what laws?

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