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Thread: Which new roof lamp and hand lamp?

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    Which new roof lamp and hand lamp?

    Both my roof and hand lamps have seen better days. Being so long since I had to purchase these I'm a bit out of touch with what's on offer. My current roof lamp is an older lightforce and my handlamp a Clulite. For the hand lamp I'd like 1 million CP minimum in a small compact light and possibly mountable on top of the rifle. I'm also looking for a Li-on battery pack. What's out there at the moment and what's your recommendations?
    cheers folks

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    I have a light force 170 handheld. Its awesome, although I have had issues with the cable on the handle coming away from the connectors, easy to fix but granted a bit of a pain. I get the impression there is little out there better and this small niggle is something to live with.

    I have just bought a secondhand 140 scope mounted to go with it, I intend to attempt to mount this to my roof bar and manoeuvre it through the sunroof.

    I also use a clulite master light supreme on my rifles, but since I bought that the Nightmaster 800 seems the lamp of choice.

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