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Thread: i.o.r scopes

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    i.o.r scopes

    hi i have purchased a i.o.r scope before cristmas and i think its the dogs bits its a 6x24x50 iluminated 35mill tube just wondered what others think of i.o.r scopes like them or hate them good points bad points thanks

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    Hear they are very good not seen 1 in the flesh yet but think they look awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking.
    Hear they are very good not seen 1 in the flesh yet but think they look awful.
    heared they are wellgood am going to get one

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    i was told that most of the night force boys were selling them to get i.o.r scopes as replacments. as for looks they may not be the best looking but i purchased mine to look thro not at and can spot a tick on a deers ass at 200yards still think its the best bit of glass out there shoots glass in germaney supply the glass then i.o.r tweek it some more cant be bad 900 for a 6x24x50 iluminated 35mill tube whats better than that im waiting for it s/b zise etc hold on they all use shoots glass dont they

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    I saw & used the I.O.R. stuff on a couple of rifles that Lee from Border barrels fetched to the long range weekend in Scotland a few months back, this fella has won gold in Canada in long range shooting, he shall we say has a liking for them, me?, some of them the reticles are a bit busy, but not all of them, if I was in the money & needed a scope, it would be an I.O.R. these people are not beginners in the optics game, they have just come a long way into the realm of sensible weights since the eastern bloc came apart.

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    aaaaaaaa thats 3 people who like them yes lee is a good lad finber was on his way up hear with his 300win mag to shoot some deer how did he do eney one know 1000yard shots on deer supose a 300win mag will lift a deer of its feet at 1000yards yes lee sold his night force to get i.o.r scope for his long rainge shooting ooo and thanks lee love the i.o.r and gave me a realy good deal on the scope and mounts well happy with it

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    Have you searched the site?, there is a quite a bit on them. I have one and like it a lot.


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    Try this one as well:

    I have a 4-14x50 IOR scope which I'm very happy with.


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    I have got the same one as you, the only thing to watch out is dont forget to turn the IR of when you put ti away or you will end up with no IR the next time you go to use it!! The batteries are only a few quid from tesco so it is worth buying a pack and keeping them in your shooting jacket just in case.


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