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Thread: ipad mini.

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    ipad mini.

    Hi guys,

    Thinking on getting a ipad mini, the wife has a normal ipad but I fancy treating myself to a ipad mini, I like the look of the smaller compact version.

    Anyone have one, are they basically the same as the normal ipad apart from size, are they any good?

    Any cons?


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    I made the change 2 weeks ago.
    ill not go back to the full sized one now. When it first came out I thought, what a waste, it's only a few inches bigger than the iPhone.

    wrong. It defiantly suits my life better. Smaller & lighter, so it goes in the top pouch of my daysack, thinner, lighter so it's easier to hold.
    only possible thing I'll miss the screen for is when I use it as for chart software when sailing. But I'll live with it lol

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    I was in a work trial with iPads had full size for a year when they went to iPad as bau they bought in iPad mini.
    Not really noticed any difference apart from if I use the wife's iPad3 it looks massive,as to carrying it around lot easier as said and with a good cover think it is better protected.

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    I'm on one now, what I will say is go for as big a gig as you can afford, you can soon fill them up, I also went for the new retina display but to be fair can't really notice the difference between it and the old model!

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    Was looking at the retina mini yesterday. I'm going to upgrade from my old iPad 2 one its been on evil bay.

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    Wife has mini iPad & loves it more ergonomic for her etc
    nearly bought 2 as I wanted a tablet but I only surf , email & movies on a plane etc as I travel wi work I bought a google nexus 7 same memory size .
    Her 32gb mini iPad was 350 quid
    my nexus 7 was 199 quid
    do I regret it ?
    Not at all !!!! I like her iPad but my nexus does what I need & if damaged or nicked whilst on my travels not so bad
    i think they smaller tablets better more mobile


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    Cheers thanks guys,

    what is the best app for doing like a word document etc?

    any suggestions?

    Cheers fellas


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    Best word app?
    Pages. Definitely.
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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