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Thread: Jaunary hinds report

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    Jaunary hinds report

    As is the tradition I set off for the sunny Isle of Lewis for New Year festivities and with high hopes of getting a few days for hinds. The short story is that the weather beat me and it was just impossible to get onto the hills. I've posted this photo in the past but the ground looks like this on a more favourable day:

    As you can imagine the problem wasn't so much the snow as the fact that these generally rocky hills were solid ice. Getting in was difficult to impossible, standing up was dangerous and extraction was just not possible. This was about as near as I got to the hill tops:

    It must be said that it is rare to see Lewis with any great amount of snow and we certainly didn't get the extreme cold you saw in other parts, even so some of the trout lochs had almost completely frozen over, and you can see the setting sun reflecting off another snow storm from the side of a frozen Loch an Duna:

    The interior of the island, being further from the sea, had a lot more snow that the costal fringes with the Barvas hills looking well behind a frozen Loch Urrahag:

    The interesting light gave some great views of the countryside and it was amazing the way the snow changed the persepctive and made the hills feel closer than they were:

    And there were even some subtle lighting effects in the evenings to enjoy:

    As many will know the wildfowling ban came in over the new year period and the birds were all trying to find what little feeding was available, on Lewis the costal villages were alive with snipe as these areas were more "snow free" than probably much of the rest of Scotland, though there were falls of a few inches on occasions. This photo of Arnol shows how clear, though pretty hard frozen, the ground was:

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    Great pictures caorach and thanks for sharing them, better luck next time around


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    stalking lewis

    caroach your very lucky to stalk such a beautiful place and the photographs are very good
    atb tom

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