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Thread: Gap 180 cull weekend

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    Gap 180 cull weekend

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ID:	39710Just had a weekend down in Hertfordshire for fallow and munty
    Arrived on Friday afternoon after the 240 mile trip down the A1 to meet Paul .John & Trevor who are club members and later to be joined by Chris another guest and Oli also a member.
    I was down there before a couple years back and there were 10 guests and this time only 2,they say the economy has picked back up but its still very slow I think and people do not have the cash to spare.

    After Paul had checked my documents to make sure I was legal I went onto the range to check zero with John and that was ok.

    Its a great set up they have here.

    There is bunk house accommodation for 9 a lovely big lodge with huge wood burner, large kitchen with all the gear and lots of sitting areas to while away the dark hours after eating with the odd drink and lots of hunting stories.

    Outside they have a carcass preparation area with all the gear to prepare the carcass for storage in their walk in larders.
    There are also AW on hand to help if required and also to do DSC 2 by arrangement.

    So off out with John to my first high seat about 20 minutes away from the lodge. John dropped me off and went his way to another high seat.
    Once safely in the seat and rifle loaded I looked around to get my bearings and check the ground. It soon became clear it was going to be a cold stay in this seat with a strong wind blowing into me and even with 4 layers of clothing it was bloody freezing. As the light began to fade there was not a sign of any deer and once it was dark it was time to get down out of the wind and wait for John to pick me up and go back to the lodge.

    5 guns had been out that evening and not a shot fired , oh well tomorrow is another day.

    So up at daft o'clock on Saturday morning to drive to the ground and be in the seat before day break. It was very cold again but glad to say the wind had dropped and I had on another layer so quite comfortable. As the day broke and the sun came up it was a great place to be with all the birds and their dawn chorus but sadly once again no deer. So back to the lodge for a warming breakfast and pots of coffee.

    That afternoon we where joined by another four people making the number up to nine but all that was taken was a munty by Chris.

    So Sunday morning and out again for my last chance this weekend. Driven out by Oli to a new high seat and a promise from Paul that there would be deer in that area. It was cold again but once the sun came up it was a beautiful morning and once again a great place to be.
    I kept glassing the area but nothing to see but then suddenly two fields away I saw a herd of 19 fallow well away for a shot of course. I watched them and they began to run to my left to go behind a wood out of site. After about 10 minutes they came out of the wood into the field I was sitting in but still a bit far for a good shot ,for me anyway. They started to run across the field right in front of me but would not stop. I shouted but guess the did not understand the Geordie so just kept on going.
    I looked over to the left where they had come from and there was a young doe still standing there and it decided to run towards me and stop 100 yards to my left broad side on. Here we go rifle up cross hairs on the chest and fire and down it goes. I heard the impact but the bloody thing got back up and it runs away across the field to drop about 250 yards out. I put the glasses on and see it is alive and sitting with it head up. I wait a few minutes to see if it expires but it does not so a second shot to the neck takes care of it.

    There it is my first fallow.
    Carry it back to the truck with the help of Oli and back to the lodge for the Graloch and breakfast.
    When it was gralloched it was cleat that my first shot was a little low and had not done the job. It had hit the bone but it was not clear where it had gone as there was no exit wound and no internal damage to the organs.It may have gone up into the neck but the second shot I took had clearly killed it and it was hard to say where the first shot had gone after impact.

    So its back home now hanging in my home made larder and I am sure it will make good eating.

    Thanks again to Paul and all the guys down there it was a great weekend and I look forward to the next time.

    If anyone fancies a weekend away or just a stalk contact Paul who is Munty1 on here
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    Hi, good write up, I had a great time also, its not just about the great ground they have its the people like yourself the make the whole experience enjoyable. There are some very experienced stalkers that are available to help, if like me there are aspects you are unsure of. I have come away having had a great experience and more knowledgeable in all things stalking. Thanks Chris.

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    Waidmannsheil, sounds like a cracking weekend!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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