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    6.5 x47

    Barrel is a border Archer 1 in 8.5" finished at 20". This gives 2750 fps with a 123 scenar bullet, The rail is a factory zero cant model. The bolt is fitted with a tactical bolt handle and aluminium shroud. The bolt is also candy twist fluted .The barrelled action, bolt and rail are finished in Cerakote H series paint in olive drab and armour black The stock is a mcmillan A3-5 and is fully pillar and devcon bedded. Floorplate is a third eye model and comes with a 10 round magazine trigger is a barnard.


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    Is this a std Remington SA action? Or something more exotic? Regards JCS

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    looks like a tikka action.

    very nice indeed.

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    you got it bob its a tikka action

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