I have had a think about stuff lying about and might sell some of the following:

M98 action (commercial), with PH 2100 series bolt stop, no bottom metal, can be supplied with David Lloyd bolt (Z shape handle). Drilled/tapped for standard 2 piece bases. This is for a restoration and custom building project. I believe it to have been a contract action by FN, but there’s a chance it may have been contracted to Santa Barbara. £250.00 + P&P

FN98 action (military). Herstal Begique, no receiver crest. Drilled tapped for leupold 1 piece base with standard bolt. Unaltered rear bridge/stripperclip hump. Also restoration/custom building project. Can be supplied with bottom (military) bottom metal - £350 + P&P

M98 – modello argentino (military). Non drilled. Unalterned rear bridge, no receiver crest.. Standard bolt and bottom metal (military). For restoration/custom building project. £450.00 + P&P

Also have two new mauser 98 David Lloyd bolts with the 'Z' handle. £150 each + P&P. Therefore, FN98 and/or Modello Argentino can be supplied with David Lloyd bolt as well if desired.

Suhler clawmounts. Rear base/lock curved to fit M98 action, front is dovetail to fit a saddle. Also comes with (medium – tbc) 14mm rail mounts. Would be ideal perhaps for one of the above projects (8/10). £250.00 + P&P

S&B (germany) 26mm (tbc) ret. A4. 6x42. 7/10 condition (a few marks here and there, but still looks good). Gloss black - £275 + P&P

Any of the above actions will make great actions for custom building projects. Happy to help brainstorm ideas via PM if you wish.

Pictures can be supplied upon request via email, just PM your details. Please only ask if you would be genuinely interested and are planning on building a custom project.
Admin, please note this is not ‘trade’ despite the number of ‘parts’, just thinking I might not engage in all my personal custom projects I had planned after all which was the original intention.

Best regards,