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Thread: Bases and mounts for Sako model S491

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    Bases and mounts for Sako model S491

    I have acquired an older Sako (model S491- i think this model was in production until Aug 1992) onto which I wish to fit a 1" diameter scope. Does anyone know which bases/mounts I require for this model and where I can obtain them. My local gunsmith is unclear about the bases/mounts required for this Sako model.


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    "Gunsmith" or RFD? He doesn't sound like a gunsmith to me.

    I'm not certain but I believe that Optilock mounts will fit, have a look on the Sako website.
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    I had an S491 in .223 a few years ago. To the best of my knowledge (and memory) it was the same as any more recent Sako. Hopefully someone else will be able to be absolutely certain.

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    Leupold makes an assortment of heights, matte and gloss, which fit the Sako tapered dovetails. Midway has them by mail.

    Yours probably has iron sights. If you want to go back and forth a bit quicker, the original Sako rings have a thumbscrew which has a slot for using a coin to tighten it down.

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    Longshot, optilock bases are the ones you want

    I just got some for my M591 which take the same bases as your rife - there's a couple of PDF's to the bases and rings on the page. If you buy some second hand and they don't come with the screws to join the rings to the bases, give me a PM as I bought a pack of 10 that will fit

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    Do the rings in this thread look like they will fit: Sako Rings

    If so, they are yours for the cost of postage. If not, the same offer goes to anyone else who has a rifle they might fit.

    One of the ring screws is missing, but otherwise they are on good nick.

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