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Thread: 1st attempt GoPro fail!

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    1st attempt GoPro fail!

    I picked a cheap GoPro kit on eBay with the intention of filming some HD stalking and demonstrating first hand the knock down power of the mighty .222
    Not ideal as the lens is designed for close up, but as most of my shots are 50yds or so I was hoping it would show enough

    Managed to convert the top of the box it came in, into a scope mount, which seemed the easiest option.
    (none of the other mounts would have worked and as its the box it was sacrificial! A quick file and some zip ties for temporary solution did the trick)

    also stuck one on the windscreen of the car as I like the idea of a dash cam. (note to self:do one thing at a time!)

    I messed around with the settings to remove the really loud beep it emits when you do anything, stuck it in its little waterproof housing (in hindsight the skeleton back door would be less "echo-ey" for the audio) and set off.

    After a short walk to the first usual vantage point I spotted a doe some 500yds out between the end of two strip plantations feeding along the margin of the left side of the central clearing.
    Access was:
    - either down to the left and along a tree line hoping the dead ground would cover me until in range
    - along the track to my front and right, up and behind the strip plantation on her right, appearing at the edge to be well within range.
    Wind was good either way

    Decided for swift approach along track over slow approach through frosty grass (yes, you read that right! snow on the ground in places too!)

    Made some schoolboy errors.
    Forgot the imminent arrival of the sun over the trees to my right was going to "floodlight" me and cast a 50ft shadow to my right!
    Lost track of the original position of the deer in relation to where I was making for!
    Underestimated the noise of frozen grass and patches of snow on an otherwise silent morning!

    Anyway, progress was swift as planned as my path took me into dead ground almost up to the strip plantation on the right.
    Realised pretty quickly that following the margin around to the central clearing she was in was hopeless. very crunchy grass, looking directly into the now full sun over the tree line behind her! couldn't see a thing without blocking the sun out!

    Opted for a commando route through the end of 30m wide strip plantation to emerge from within the trees directly opposite where I thought she would be. My Mk1 eyeball rangefinder guessed she would be 50-100yds away.
    Relatively easy crawl/walk though widely spaced trees, trying not to snag anything on branches.
    Emerged into a space behind a sparse limbed tree and looked into the sunlight and saw..........

    Bollox. Assumed I had been heard and she had skipped off

    Came out to the wood edge margin and had a look left where I was sure she would be standing and then decided I would head up the clearing to my right to see if I could find another.
    Low and behold as I glass the clearing...there she is 300+ yards away feeding and walking away from me!
    I had underestimated how far in she was from the original sighting point and that she was feeding at speed walking up the hill deeper into the clearing.

    I had 200+ yards to close in full view backlit by the now very bright sun!
    there was a tiny sprout/spinney of saplings in the centre of the clearing that I could use to obscure the line of sight between me and her.
    cue more swift and deadly Hiawatha sneakiness! helped by the fact that she is nose to the wind and arse to me!

    Ground closed, sticks up. chose to take a longer shot from the edge of the spinney than risk being caught out of position and without a platform to shoot if the chance presented itself

    Held a steady bead on her for what seemed an age before she finally presented herself, prior to this a texas head shot was the only option! At one point she turned and looked straight at me standing about 4ft out from the edge of the saplings

    Nice broadside view, standing still, steady platform, good range, light flashing on GoPro, back trigger pulled (BRNO double set trigger), touch the front trigger and.............


    god dammit! I left the safety on! (the BRNO Fox double set has an unusual feature of allowing you to set and release the triggers with the safety on as it locks the bolt not the trigger)

    Quickly rectified that problem and thankfully she stood long enough to allow me to squeez off the shot.
    Audible thump as the bullet smacks into the chest just above the horizontal centre line and she drops straight down into the grass, not even a kick.

    I hold the position for a minute or two and then proceed to pace it out with the camera pointing forward.
    paced out to 181yds!
    Longer than I had originally thought (guessed around 140-150 but well under the 225yd MPBR I zero for.
    Longest .222 deer shot I have taken and yet more proof that a 60gr .224 soft point is plenty when put in the right place

    Unbeknownst to me when I went to put the rifle down I see the camera has turned itself off due to low battery (I had it on in the car on the way down!!).... question is...when did it die!?
    Found out when I got home! sure enough...died about 10 seconds before I pulled the trigger for proper...but caught my safety catch indiscretion!
    (skip to 2m30sec odd for that as without the money shot it is not the most exciting video!)
    NB: you need to insulate the camera from the mount or it picks up every little vibration and amplifies it.
    I am not really as noisy as it sounds on the video!

    The doe is standing just below and to the right of the white rectangle you can see in the distance.

    Anyway, some trusty stills

    Doe lying where she stood:

    Upper Thoracic lung damage

    Interestingly, no sign of foetus or enlarged uterine wall that I would have expected

    one more to the .222
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    The images from the GoPro are great but that wide angle lens is a problem for shooting as anything beyond about 10 yards is either invisible or looks like a small dot on the horizon.

    The problem with putting a longer lens on something like that is that all the movement means that a lot of the pictures mean nothing, they are just close up vegetation rushing past, plus it pushes the data rate up as high speed pans across detailed surfaces mean lots of data. Also a longer lens needs more glass of better quality to offer decent light levels.

    I really have no idea how to solve the problem of a decent rifle mounted camera that would give images that would show anything meaningful. At the minute the only answer I can see is to have someone with you with a decent camera and a decent lens but then that opens up a whole range of other problems, not to mention the cost if you actually want quality images.
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    I thought you were going to have a MAJOR fail, that was clearly minor.

    When I got my cheap GoPro imitation, I took it on a snow goose hunt. We are allowed unplugged shotguns, so I have a Benelli that will hold 8 rounds. I used the provided mounts to attach the camera under the barrel. In came the first flock, push button to start the film. After a couple passes, we call the shot and rise to shoot - BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM - huh, what was that thing spinning away in my peripheral vision - BOOM BOOM BOOM. Stand up, to send the dog, notice that I no longer have a camera attached to the gun. Eventually find it about 10 yards away.

    Get home 24 hours later, pull out the card and look at the video. Just as I thought - 4 booms, then wildly spinning footage, then darkness (the camera landed lens down - had about 15 minutes of nice cluse up dirt footage. Camera is still in fine shape - but the mounting systems are 3rd world at best.

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    Been meaning to have a go at this but as yet haven't got around to reading the instruction let alone source a scope mount.

    Where on the scope did you mount it to get the mod in the frame and is that a standard lens? Is there a remote hard-wired record on/off switch to be had that might be stuck on the stock forfend c/o velcro?

    The more I think about this the best location for locating camera might be on the shooters shoulder c/o some cleverly engineered mounting platform.


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    literally zip tied it to the objective bell with cable ties using the top of the box (the bit with a mount fixed to it for marketing purposes) as a "shoe"

    There is a FOV setting in HD that you can change.
    I didnt as I only had a stop gap 16GB card and HD chips away at the time you can record (as does having it running on the dash as you drive to the Borders!)

    on checking the difference you can clearly make out people at 150-200yds on narrow FOV
    the wide one give a fish eye and you lose the definition at distance
    will do another thing to show the difference

    You can also zoom pretty hard digitally when editing the footage, comes out a little grainy but a useful feature
    I still need to play around and am learning

    am looking at a add on lens to use like a doubler and just snap it on and off which is another possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    am looking at a add on lens to use like a doubler and just snap it on and off which is another possible
    The problem with adding more "zoom" or a narrower field of view is that it then becomes very hard to watch and almost impossible to maintain any idea of what is going on when you are moving through the forest, for example.

    Having thought about it I guess one stab at a solution might be a scope mounted camera with a similar "magnification" to your scope, allowing you to see the deer and the shot, and a head mounted camera with a very wide angle to give reasonable images of the stalk in. Actually your head might move too much and so something on your chest or shoulder might be better.

    Either way it is a tricky one to solve.
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    Cracked it:

    a. Right shoulder mounted Go-Pro

    b. Off-hand standing shot only

    c. Stalk beast to within 25 yards



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    very good effort in any case well done to you for trying it ,some nice pics , and a deer as a bonus,atb doug,

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