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Thread: Muzzle break

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    Muzzle break

    Hi does any body use a muzzle break and do they really work . Are they worth the money
    Keep on going to the end you never no what's round the corner

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    Yes I use one on a 300 win mag
    Mine is very effective , but you will find yourself shooting alone on the range , so noisy , I bought mine from Ed on here for the right money so can't comment on value for money .


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    I avoid them like the plague. Never fund they helped me much from a recoil control perspective. Had one on a prototype of the Remington SR8 chambered for the old 338/416 Rigby (now know as the 338 Lapua) back in 1988. Damn thing made the blast so loud I was was developing a flinch even wearing ear muffs. Took it off and found the recoil was not really that bad. The same rifle was later fitted with a mod but when it was rebuilt in 1997 at Remington they installed a newer version than I found to be just as unpleasant. Sold the rifle a couple of years back and will never own another brake, if I think I need something in the future on a rifle it will be a mod.


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    Yes the right brake designs work really well,90 degree ports the most efficient, ive got 2 amralon brakes, one on my 308 which you can still stay on a fig 11 target at 1000yds,as said bloody noisey though, ear defenders required, vais type pepper pot thing na

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    well made and designed ones work (they dont need to be expensive)
    I have a guy make some in Aluminium for 30-50, mine is steel also around the 40 mark

    can't say I notice any more perceived noise with or without
    had to take it off for a range session through a noise barrel
    50+ rounds of 208gr 300WM in two stints in the space of 90 mins.......felt like I had been in a boxing ring!

    with the brake it is a different story, very calm and controlled

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    Got one on the 30.06 and the .416. The latter is BIG. However I would say they make a huge difference to my perceived recoil. I actually dont think they are noisy, but wow do the boys beside me think so! All the stalkers and PH's know to keep behind me. Mine were made by a chap here in sunny Scotland. Great.

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    They are bloody noisy things which combined with the sideways muzzle blast make them most unwelcome to anyone adjacent to the shooter yet the shooter often doesn't notice the increase in noise. I regularly shoot on an indoor range where we need to be aware of sound levels in the area immediately outside the range and as a consequence are considering banning them on anything other than .22s.
    One on a .338LM when fired is most definitely an unpleasant experience for everyone in the range.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Just for info, not all muzzle brakes are the same .... I had a "quiet" brake from Brownells fitted to my custom 458 where the ports are all angled forwards rather than sidewards .... has the same reduction in recoil but as a shooter the perception is that it is no louder .... and all shock waves go forwards not sidewards. It was easily removable so I would use it zeroed with a scope, and iron sights zeroed without it.

    rifle is currently with Brock and Norris if anyone is interested in something a bit special by the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterMoore View Post
    the ports are all angled forwards rather than sidewards ....
    has the same reduction in recoil ....
    all shock waves go forwards not sidewards.
    that sounds physically impossible
    forward wave pushes back surely?

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    My thoughts also Brewsher. Perhaps it is more of a compensator (ala Cutts) intended to reduce muzzle flip rather than recoil reduction.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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