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Thread: Are the cheaper nv scopes ok for foxing

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    Are the cheaper nv scopes ok for foxing

    Looking at branching out into night vision for fox control. Do not have 2500 for a starlight archer despite the fact I would love one. Does anyone use either the photon or starlight arrow for foxing and if yes how far out can you reliably shoot?
    i will be using it on my .223 which has a 8x56 zeiss scope on it and at the moment lamp with a nightmaster and am comfortable out to 200yards.



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    The arrow states 200 yards. But then, so did the NS200 and no way could you shoot at that range. I think your biggest issue is going to be your rifle scope, to get the best from any digi or tubed add-on you will need a PA scope. Otherwise, you will struggle with images that are not sharp at all. Then you have the coatings on your Zeiss, designed to maximise performance with visible light those coatings are going to work against you with IR light.

    I ended up boxing up my Zeiss and putting a MTC Genesis onto my .243. In fact, I put the Genesis on all my rifles. I guess the glass snobs will scoff at using such an optic, but in reality the quality and ret. is plenty good enough for most disciplines, except low light dawn/ dusk stalking where your German optics will buy you that valuable extra half hour or so of useable light.

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    Thanks mick. I have an MTC viper on my .22lr which I could swap with the zeiss.
    How far do you think the arrow would be useful out too? 150yds?


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    I cannot say, I haven't looked through one and presently they're a little thin on the ground. If it were me, I'd sit on my hands a while longer and see what the reviews are like. As with the Photon, there will be an initial rush of people to sing its praises, and then the real feedback kicks in. The Photon has proved to be a bit Marmite. But, that does mean you can pick them up quite reasonably used.

    It will no doubt do 200 yards, but how clearly on x10 mag?

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    thanks, they do seem to be coming down in price and up in quality and i think you are right. watch and wait and keep saving if all else fails there is the nv750, which is now 1000 i see.

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    Yes, good idea, not too shabby the N750 and the Drone Pro also is worth a look.

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    I use an N550 with NM400ir shot plenty of foxes with it, I find that with the nightvision the foxes come to the squeak with confidence so really you are rarely shooting over a 100 yards.

    good luck with it

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    Hadn't thought about that, makes sense they will be less shy and therefore easier to call in.

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    I shot one at 40 yards last week, had to shout to stop it running into my feet!

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    The Photon is ok for entry level night vision with a good external IR. If you can afford it then the new N750A with it's upgraded OLED screen is very good with 13 different selectable user reticles and memorization for up to 3 different rifles. There is also the drone pro which is good but more money. The Starlight Arrow seems to be able do a good job out to approx 175 yards with a good external IR on it. However that is only from our field test on it, and others may have different results. Our advice is to do some research first before you buy.

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