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Thread: Noisy Bolt

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    Noisy Bolt

    Any gunsmiths out there !

    I have just had my rifle shortened and a new mod fitted, however when i now close the bolt there is a very tinny - pinging noise as you close the bolt down its just as the bolt engages on the second click of the bolt if that makes sense.
    Its a while since i fired it so not sure if it did it before or whether its just got worse or just started so any ideas as to the problem action screws and mount screws all ok oh and its a Remington action

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    Could be the firing pin spring broken and the ends slipping past each other under compression

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    I was thinking it could be the bolt but i don't know how to take it to pieces to check everything

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    Any chance the front action screw has been over tightened and is now in contact with the locking lug when you close the bolt?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    I was thinking it could be the bolt but i don't know how to take it to pieces to check everything
    You can easily strip the 700 bolt , do a YouTube search , you can do it with a shoelace/piece of para cord if you have to.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Did you change out the trigger to something with less play in it, like a Timney or Canjar?

    Lube the cocking cam?

    It sounds like the firing pin spring binding inside the bolt, then turning go. If you go to disassemble the M700 bolt is is not as easy as a Winchester Model 70. A tool like this one, for $35.00, will make it so simple.


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    Is it a T8 mod on your rifle ? They make a very tinny noise when you work the bolt especially if you don't have a cover on the mod. The Remy bolts are easy to strip, like tackb says do a youtube search


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    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Stripped the bolt last night did a full clean down and re oiled and greased it still no difference, checked stock screws all ok not to long, checked scope mount screws their not to long, new mod is an A Tec all ok shoots ok groups ok if anything cleaning the bolt did make it quieter but the noise is still there !

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