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Thread: question for fellow fallow deer stalkers

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    question for fellow fallow deer stalkers

    Hi Guys

    Just a Quick question for the fellow fallow deer stalkers on here.

    Q = what percentage of your fallow do you shoot in the first few minutes of legal time and the last few minutes of legal time ????

    i proberely shoot 75% of the fallow i shoot in the last 15 minutes of legal time and without quality german optics i would shoot less , what do you guys find with your fallow ???????

    they are buggars round here for appearing very last light



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    I tend to stalk mornings by choice and tend to give up after two hours of daylight, some of my ground its first light but I also have areas where they will rest up unless disturbed so theres always a chance any time. What I have noticed the last few doe seasons is that the does have started to come out to feed mid morning due to stalking pressure the last one I took was at around 12.30 after a quick scout around in my lunch break.

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    On our land up Scotland they are very elusive, but you can see them all times of the day. Extremely hard to get on to.

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    Depends how hard they are pressed the more the pressure the more they are turning nocturnal ,mate got out the seat sat eve just too dark only to find several fallow 15 yards from his seat looking to come out the wood at the very very last knocks ,we have found over the last four years the fallows habits changing significantly hence a reduction in the amount culled .

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    not seeing them until very last light

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    have more success last light than first light

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    100% agree dave, without good German optics I would shoot half what I do now. Almost all are last 15 minutes and first 15minutes of light at this time of year. Come August, nice summer evenings, its a different thing entirely.

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    The illuminated reticle on the Swaro Z6i is used often where I shoot Fallow! They are almost exclusively nocturnal. German optics are good, but Austrian are better!

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    Now the pheasant shoot has finished for the season and the fallow aren't being pushed from pillar to post on a regular basis they have started to move just on last light. As is the case of if you know your ground well, can manage a few bonus ones from lie up places about midday ATM. Poor for me first thing and numbers overall down on the last few years.

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    Guys this is shaping up to be a decent tread with helpful experienced answers

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