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Thread: selling venison

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    selling venison

    Hi all quick question... how does a recreational stalker with a dsc 1 stand on selling his venison can he sell it and who to.. or do you have to be a redgesterd food buisiness.....

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    Maybe that question was not on your DS1??

    Have a look at the bestpractise guides.

    every day is a learning day

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    Do you hold a level one cert , then you can legally sell up to 300 carcasses per year check out the large game meat and hygiene regulations .

    This is a comprehensive guide to who what and what ever your looking for , if it is a butcher he will require to to have a licence to sell venison, obtainable for his local authority meat and hygiene inspector, before he can sell the venison legally in Scotland, i don't know about south of the border.

    He will also require to obtain a game register ,to be filled out by you every time you bring him a carcass, with all the details for traceability it is not to find out where your stalking , its if something is wrong with the carcass and the area requires attention by others ,such as blue tongue or foot and mouth what ever .

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    the reality in this is it gets fecking complicated unless you speak political esperanto. Selling is different from supplying.

    Scenario 1.

    You shoot 2 roe and keep one and your mate at work asks for some venison. No problem even if he pays you for it. You can process it or have a butcher do it for you. (you have to apply due diligence in all of this with regard to food hygene regulations as does the butcher)

    Scenario 2.

    you take on a lease and bag 40 reds of it a year.

    You sell it on to a game dealer, weigh it, sign the register stating that is was all good and tag it. He sells it into the food chain and pays you.

    If you have a particular situation post it and i am sure someone will have the answer.

    I am no expert these are just an overview of how I deal with my carcasses. I am going to a DCS day saturday and I hope to learn more about these kind of topics.

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    hi i am a slaughter man and hav acess to all the eqiptment chillers a lot of butchers want to buy the venison in the jacket .I follow all the HASSAP rules just wandering wear i stand on selling my venison and what paper work is involved

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