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Thread: It wasnt just a great movie

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    It wasnt just a great movie

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    The book is super... written by one of the survivors.

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    A bbc guy on the radio today said they had a bit of help from some of the Germans, didn't know that.
    Does it mention anything in the book?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I just found my old copy a month ago and it is next to read, when I finish the one I am one.

    Yes, some of the guards did help, with supplying the train timetables and routes. The plan was to catch the night trains, but most missed them due to the snow and not finding the route until daylight. Some guards provided civilian clothes, and samples of documents to forge. Surely other German civilians helped.

    These guards were not infantry, but were Luftwaffe officers and crewmen themselves, mostly too old for combat or wounded and recovering. Help even came from Hermann Goering and other Field Marshals, who argued against executions. Himmler and the SS took executed some of the conspirators. The replacement camp commandant, Franz Braune, allowed the prisoners to construct a memorial.

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