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    New member introduction

    Hello All,

    My name is Deepa. I am a Gamekeeper and have been doing this full time since leaving school. Recently moved upto Northumberland, after a couple of years gamekeeping in the States.

    I have much experience with CWD, while working near Woburn Abbey for 13 years. My hobbies are basically gamekeeping related or generically country, like fishing, shooting, stalking, dogs, etc.

    I have been on this forum many times, after being guided to it while searching for information on Google. Was pretty impressed so decided to join.


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    Welcome to the SD

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    Welcome to the site. I know the Woburn area well, and also parts of Northumberland, particularly the Alnwick area.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Northumberland is a great area to be... Well suited to your listed hobbies!

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    Good evening and welcome aboard

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