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Thread: Rock legend

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    Question Rock legend

    I finished clay shooting Sunday and then decided to walk the dogs before lunch on the way home. This particular area is quite well used but not crowded allthough on this occasion there were only two walkers we met on the made up path walking out, then a family back at the car when we were leaving.

    Well, as the wife and myself approached the other couple I looked at the bloke half expecting an acknowedgement of hello which I would return,but he kept his head down, it was at this point as we all passed I thought I some how know him ? Big mop of hair, It was Brian May of QUEEN ! My wife did not notice so when I told her, we spoke about him and remembered his recent rants about badger culls ect, I was now in two minds big rock star, but doesnt like Hunting,Shooting,Fishing. Political Statement's true or other wise. Do you know it sort of spoiled our walk......... What do you think ?

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    You didn't ask for an autograph then?

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    Did you not feel that you needed to let him your thoughts and spoil his walk
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    Had it been me I would have said "your first album had a certain musical validity but is not in the same league as the "One Live Badger" recording, with Roger Dean gatefold sleeve."

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    I would have congratulated him for winning Crufts this year....

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    I'm afraid I'd have had to pull him up and let him know he talks sh&t !
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    Not sure if Simply Red can be classed as Rock Band but after reading this I'm starting to like them. BBC News - Two Simply Red band members resolve hunting rights dispute

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    I'm afraid I'd have had to pull him up and let him know he talks sh&t !
    My thoughts exactly, I would have spoilt his little outing, the bell end.

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    Come on folks, would it really be fair...

    To badger him like that?
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    He's entitled to his opinion...

    I don't get drawn into all that "us and them" nonsense. We're not here for very long, so live and let live (10cc I believe), arguing about trivial stuff just wastes valuable breathing time.
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