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Thread: Norma 204 or Vihtavuori N140

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    Norma 204 or Vihtavuori N140

    I have to reload 30.06 and 7x64 Brenneke. I have to decide which powder buy. I cannot use both as, due to the presence of other powders for other calibers, I would exceed the safety regulations.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Norma 204 hasn't been available in the U.K. for many years Ofbiro so it's likely that most shooters here would be unfamiliar with that powder so can't really comment. We do have N140 though and most shooters find this to be excellent for most applications.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    What weight bullets will you be loading? Powder selection depends on that.(amongst other things)


    I just checked & Vit N140 is ok for the lightest weight bullets (120grain) for the 7x64 (but not ideal for the heavier projectiles) & is fine for light to middle weight bullets for the 30-06.
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    For 30-06 and 7x64mm, VV N160 is going to be a better choice for the 165-gr and 180-gr .30 bullets, and the 154 to 175 gr 7mm bullets. N140 is close to Reloader 15, and N150 is close to H-4350. N150 I have not yet tried with the 140-gr, 150-gr and 154-gr 7mm.

    I am new to N160, having only recently being able to find a pound of it and a Kg of N150.

    I have a 7x64mm Mauser Stutzen with scope and dual leaf sights, so my efforts have been to try to develop loads which are to the sights and accurate. It also has a variable Hensoldt in QD rings.

    I just built a full size 7x64mm with 600mm barrel, not a lightweight contour, on an old Ruger tang safety action, and have it in the old stock, while I try to some loads and build a new stock and add iron sights.

    Last week, I took delivery of a Steyr Pro Hunter with iron sights, and have not had a chance to put any rounds through it, due to work schedule.

    With N160, I have 56.0 grains shooting the Sierra HPBT Gameking (tough bullet), Sierra SPBT Gameking ( softer bullet ) and Hornady 162-gr SST into 0.5 inch groups ( 5 shots) at 100 yards. Norma brass and Win LR primers. Same load does the same in my .280 Remington.

    Same load in the .30-06 with 165-gr Hornady and Sierra also 0.5 inch out of Steyr Model M, a Mannlicher 1950, Rem 700 ADL, and 1903 Springfield. I assume it will shoot in my other .30-06s.

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