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Thread: Why Ididn't pull the trigger (the answer)

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    Why Ididn't pull the trigger (the answer)

    Thanks for making the last few days so enjoyable.
    Now, the reason I didn't take the shot, (and may I add it was the best chance of shots I've never taken) The three of them where standing on the ice in the middle of a frozen pond.....
    Of which I don't know the depth.
    The day befor three people had gone through the ice in Leicester. Two of them had snuffed it.
    Now I nearly always take chest shots, in the last 25 years I've shot at the neck maybe three times, and as you know most deer will run 50 - 100 yds on a chest shot. But now and again they drop on the spot, and this is what made me hold back on the shot.
    So I'll be back this week-end to try and cop them on terra firma.
    best regards and a very happy new year to one and all

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    A very sensible decision methinks!

    (...and unfortunately another chap died recently going through ice whilst trying to rescue his dogs; I was out game shoting at the weekend and was really hoping that my dog didn't decide to venture out onto any of the ponds or the river that was frozen over - luckily she didn't. I doubt that the ice would have withstood my 14 stone weight!)



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    thin ice

    well i got it in one. what do i win?
    why did'nt you just sit till they walked off the ice then take the shot

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    I did wait, probably for five or more minutes, and after they had become fed up watching me they moved across the ice at a nice steady pace and as soon as they reached the edge of the pond they give it a hop, skip and a jump into the fir trees.
    No problem.
    I can make a million mistakes.... they make one.......
    Just checked through the post and you were right Bunnydan.
    Prize.. depends on your location.
    If your in N.E. Scotland I can offer a days stalking or if not, a drinks voucher through the post. PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    If your in N.E. Scotland I can offer a days stalking or if not, a drinks voucher through the post. PM me.
    Not thats a generous prize!....if you live in NE Scotland

    Good Guess.

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    on thin ice

    well thats stalking for you the lucky buggers. but as you have said they will be there another day and thats why we love it. i'm in the north of england. thanks for the offer but i was only joking about a prize i enjoyed the post cheers.

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    What about taking a day's skating?

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    sensible stalking and i gave me a laugh too

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    very sensible, but I am slightly confused. I know you do a lot of fly fishing..........this was your opportunity to cast onto a carcass lying still on the ice and figure of 8 retrieve it

    It might be your only take this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    What about taking a day's skating?
    Just L of difference between skating and creeping up on deer!

    Boom tish! I thang you.

    Tah dah dah dah daah daaaaaah!

    sorry, couldn't resisit. snow kept me away from Mr Brains so a tidy claret was dragged out of the cwtch...

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