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Thread: Good Aim on the 'Bahn?

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    Good Aim on the 'Bahn?

    Only critisism might be that he didn't have the reactions to take a right and left?

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    Now THAT's gonna be a challenge for the taxidermist!!

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    This quite an old pic been on here before I recall, there were several thoughts as to what is actually was

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    Its a BMW. Not sure which model.

    Probably a pricey job to fix. Will most likely need a new head.

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    New antlers at the very least!

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    I saw these pictures in Germany a few years ago. It was said that the car hit the deer at 120mph+

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    Seen this on a few BM sites still think this is a Deer looks like stomach contents on one of the photos, people say it may be a dog!!
    Not unless it is carrying a load of turf in its mouth.

    Will not cost as much as you think to repair as it missed the xenon head lamp units
    Now they are serious money!!!!!
    Only needs 1 radiator, 1 intercooler, 1 aircon radiator,1 electic fan,2 kidney grills,one plastic engine cover,front end and a partridge in a pear tree
    Sorry one easter bunny it must be that time of year by now
    Right my taxi is here I'm off

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    Looks like a case of right eye dominance! 8)

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    I usualy skin and hang mine for at least a week before attempting to cook em

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