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Thread: Stutzen ?? just when I thought I was finished with guns...

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    Stutzen ?? just when I thought I was finished with guns...

    But I have room for 1 more in my safe and have to have one of these..... Was on egun looking for a possible replacement for my mutilated stock and ran across this..

    It's not exactly what I want for a small caliber but I'd settle for it. Anybody have any idea if this style is available in regular 22 caliber (haven't had any luck with google yet)? 22 magnum is OK but kind of an overkill for me and not worth the 3x higher priced ammunition.... If anyone knows it one exists (even better, a link to one for sale), tips are appreciated. Guessing if one is in the UK getting it to Germany wouldn't be a big deal (??)....

    Thanks, Dave

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    Anschutz (old model) 1423 is .22 LR stutzen, using the Model 54 action. It was made in the early 1960s.
    Anschutz ( old model) 1433 is .22 Hornet. A friend has one and the full rifle. Super accurate.
    Don't know what the current models are.

    I have seen Ruger 10/22s with full stock, and Ruger 77/22 full stock. Why they don't make more of those, I could not tell you.

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    It won't be long before mr pinemartin graces us with his presence, he is a stutzen man, and I believe after a lot of searching found a CZ full stock......
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    Thanks folks... I just emailed CZ from the link Heym SR20 posted. Hoping they get back to me quick with a price so I have something to go on in deciding on this one in the auction...

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    I've liked as you call them "Stutzens" since I was a youngster !
    We've had a custom stocked 98 Mauser in 8x57 for about 60 years my pop got when he was in his 20's . That one shoots wonderfully .

    I've had a a couple of the Pre Garcia Sako imported mannlicher stocked rifles in 22-250 and a pair of 222's . All three of them shot nicely with handloads . Only problem was other folks made me offers for all three that I thought was a bit more then they were worth so down the road they went !

    I've had a couple of the old tang safety Ruger 77RSI guns and while they didn't shoot the greatest and usually needed to have the trigger sear replaced with the RifleBasix version they were good enough for 200 yard deer rifles .

    At the moment I still have my fathers custom 98 as well as a pair of Mannlicher Schoenauer stutzen stocked guns in 243 WIN and 8x56MS . Also have a nice Mannlicher Schoenauer in 308 but that ones a half stock with a 24" pipe .

    I wanna get one more Mannlicher Schoenauer MCA stutzen in 270 , 06 or possibly 308 . After that I'll pretty much have all of them I need . Although a nice MCA stutzen in 6.5x54MS wouldn't be turned down or 7x57 for that matter !

    I have a friend who's my fathers age that has a very nice little Steyr 22LR stutzen that was made about 1960-1965 . I've been after that rifle for 40 years . Unfortunately my friend is now in an assisted living home so perhaps I can soon persuade him to sell it to me !
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    Having owned a 1950, 1952 MS in 6.5x54 and another in .30-06, an MCA in .243, and the remaining Model M in .270 Win, my philosophy now, is that if I run across a really nice one again, I don't care what chambering it is in. The same goes for deal on a nice Sauer, commissioned Mauser, or CZ full stock ( .223 would suit me).

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    Vigilaire on here PMd me the other day to say he'd seen one in the SGC, I suggest you ask him. I have a CZ452 in .22lr and it's lovely. Good choice and good luck!

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    like a kid waitin on Santa Claus now waiting on an email from CZ.... Not even sure I'd put a scope on if I I don't find a used one already equipped (and I can see the iron sights)... Just something I'm gonna pout about til I find one that don't cost the world....

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    stutzen... love em, they just look the d...b....cks imo, I have seen once and once only a moderated one which the guy would not sell, I keep looking...

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